Imatran Yhteislukio upper-secondary school

Imatran Yhteislukio upper-secondary school was founded in 1908. We offer a diverse and modern studying environment. We support homes in raising the young by guiding the students in to a responsible future. We offer our students a great basis for studies in various fields of future studies and activities in different international environments.

Our school is a diverse over 400 student upper-secondary school in which students may choose their own subjects. We offer a good studying atmosphere in which we value respecting each other, positivity, independence and creativity.

In addition to our 6-series upper-secondary school, we have the International Baccalaureate. The IB-Diploma Programme is an international pre-university studying programme which lasts three years. The first pre-Diploma year (Pre-DP) is a preparation year for the following two Diploma years during which students study the courses of the national upper-secondary school in English. The two remaining years are the actual Diploma Programme studying years during which students study six to seven subjects in English. Imatran Yhteislukio works in cooperation with the Lappeenrannan Lyseon Lukio and together they form the South-Karelia IB World School.

During the first year of the upper-secondary school, students are able to apply to the tourist line or the forest industry line. In the tourist line, one has the opportunity to attend courses related to tourism in the Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. In the forest industry line students concentrate on the natural sciences in cooperation with the Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Athletic students are able to apply to the South-Karelia sports academy. It offers training time at three mornings every week and supports the students in combining their studies and their training. Moreover, Imatran Yhteislukio and the Saimaa vocational school offer a possibility for a dual-qualification. The main school in this case will be the Saimaa vocational school where students will complete a basic vocational degree. However, students will simultaneously attend courses in the upper-secondary school and in the end participate in the matriculation exams.

Imatran Yhteislukio also offers distance teaching. This teaching is mainly intended for adults but students in the upper-secondary school or dual-qualification may also attend these courses. Students participating in the distance teaching may aim to the matriculation exams or focus on studying specific subjects.

The students of the Eastern Finland Finnish-Russian School will complete their studies in the Imatran Yhteislukio. The biggest purpose of the school is to teach the Russian language and to add knowledge of the Russian culture. Furthermore, the school encourages students into entrepreneurship. In addition, it is a purpose of the upper-secondary school studies to serve the needs of the students concerning their future studies and working life. The Finnish-Russian school is a good place to study for Finnish people who have studied A-level Russian in primary school, people who speak Russian as their native language or immigrants who can speak Russian, but in the same time have sufficient Finnish speaking abilities.



The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is an international upper-secondary school programme. It offers an excellent path to university studies both in Finland as well as abroad.

The international baccalaureate Diploma Programme can be completed in 139 countries. The IB-Diploma corresponds to the Finnish matriculation degree. English is used as both the teaching and the matriculation language, except in Finnish and Swedish. The curriculum of the programme is the same everywhere in the world. The studies last a total of three years in Finland. During the first year, students enhance their English abilities and are introduced and accustomed to the working methods of the IB.

Similarly to the Finnish matriculation, a student also completes final examinations. However, the assessment is different as the final grades will be based on studies, essays and oral examinations on top of the final examinations.

The exams are assessed with a scale from 1-7. The exams and the requirements to get the diploma are same everywhere in the world.

The programme offers an excellent path to university studies in Finland as well as abroad. One can choose six or seven subjects, each from every group. These subjects can be studied at different levels and at least three have to be studied at the higher level (HL) whereas others are studied at the standard level (SL). HL-subjects have a total of 9 courses which corresponds to 3 lessons a week. 6 courses of SL-subjects are studied which corresponds to studying these subjects at 3 periods during each IB-Diploma year.

The IB offers the possibility to concentrate on specific subjects. A matriculation exam is completed for each studied subject. Practical work, critical thinking and social activity form an important part of the studies.  The natural sciences include laboratory work, the CAS-programme encourages to activities outside the school life and the extended essay (EE) prepares the student for written assignments in further studies.

The three years hold within itself a lot of studying, writing and agony, but also new friends, the dances of the oldest (Wanhat), penkkarit and field trips. A brilliant team spirit will encourage individuals towards future challenges. In addition, students will also get the chance to visit for instance London together.

You will receive strong English abilities and you can directly apply to a number of universities.